Fatal Events and Fatal Event Rates of Airlines
in Africa and the Middle East Since 1970

The following values for each airline includes the number of fatal events since 1970, the Full Loss Equivalent (FLE*) for each airline, the year of the most recent fatal event, the number of flights since 1970, and an estimate of the fatal event rate per million flights. Because the number of flights for each airline is an estimate, the fatal event rate is also an estimate. Unless otherwise stated, the number of fatal events is current as of the revision date at the bottom of the page, but the number of flights is the estimate through 2000.

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Latin America and the Caribbean
Africa and the Middle East
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Africa and the Middle East

Airline Rate Flights FLE* Events Last
Air Afrique*** 0.02 0.30M 0.01 1 1987
Air Zimbabwe 11.54 0.16M 1.85 2 1979
EgyptAir/Air Sinai 7.60 0.75M 5.70 7 2002
El Al 0.03 0.34M 0.01 1 1977
Emirates 0.00 UNK 0.00 0 -
Ethiopian Airlines 4.06 0.50M 2.03 3 2010
Flash Airlines UNK UNK 1.00 1 2004
Gulf Air UNK UNK 1.95 2 2000
Iran Air/Iran Air Tours 3.72 1.13M 4.20 5 2006
Kenya Airways 2.85 0.33M 0.94 1 2000
Kuwait Airways 0.06 0.35M 0.02 1 1988
Royal Air Maroc 1.54 0.65M 1.71 2 1994
Royal Jordanian 7.99 0.34M 2.72 3 1979
Saudi Arabian Airlines 0.93 2.15M 2.01 4 2005
South African Airways 0.63 1.60M 1.00 1 1987
Tunis Air 0.00 0.30M 0.00 0 -

*Details on analysis method

*** Airline no longer in service

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Note: These listed fatal event rates are an estimate of historical risk and not an estimate or prediction of future performance. This listing of fatal event rates does not constitute either an endorsement or a lack of an endorsement of any airline or group of airlines.

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Fatal Events and Fatal Event Rates of Airlines in Africa and the Middle East Since 1970
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