Plane Crashes and Other Significant
Airline Safety Events by Airline

This page has the following information for selected airlines: number of fatal plane crashes and other fatal events since 1970, the year of the most recent passenger death, the estimated number of flights since 1970, and an estimate of the fatal event rate per million flights. There are also links to the record of each airline. Note that the estimated number of flights was last updated in 2005.

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Plane Crashes by Region of the World

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Airline Crashes in the United States and Canada

Airline Rate Flights FLE* Events Last
Air Canada+ 0.33 4.75M 1.58 3 1983
AirTran (ValuJet) ** 0.94 1.06M 1.00 1 1996
Alaska Airlines 0.33 6.13M 2.02 3 2000
Aloha Airlines*** 0.56 1.77M 1.00 1 1989
American Airlines** 0.40 25.08M 10.08 13 2004
American Trans Air*** 0.00 0.69M 0.00 0 -
Continental Airlines*** 0.24 10.39M 2.47 6 2009
Delta Air Lines** 0.17 24.8M 4.24 7 2006
Hawaiian Airlines 0.00 0.66M 0.00 0 -
JetBlue Airlines 0.00 0.35M 0.00 0 -
Midwest Express*** 1.92 0.52M 1.00 1 1985
Northwest Airlines*** 0.21 12.51M 2.61 4 1993
Southwest Airlines 0.00 15.26M 0.00 0 -
United Airlines** 0.31 21.9M 6.69 11 2001(2)
US Airways** 0.28 17.63M 4.97 9 2003

* Fatal event rate is given by a value called Full Loss Equivalent (FLE) for each listed airline.
** Airline has either a subsidiary or a parent
*** Airline merged with another or no longer in operation airline that was responsible for at least one fatal event since 1970.
+ Number of flights is for the period 1970-1999

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