Kuwait Airways plane crashes

The following events are those involving at least one passenger death where the aircraft flight had a direct or indirect role. Excluded would be events where the only passengers killed were stowaways, hijackers, or saboteurs.

  1. 4 December 1984; Kuwait Airways A300-600; 9K-AHG; Tehran, Iran The aircraft was on a scheduled international flight from Dubai, UAE to Karachi, Pakistan when it was commandeered by four hijackers and diverted to Tehran, Iran. Sometime over the next six days, the hijackers beat and tortured several of the 153 passengers, killing two of them. The hijacking ended on 9 December 1984 when Iranian security forces took over the plane. None of the eight crew members were killed.
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  2. 5 April 1988; Kuwait Airways 747-200 Combi; 9K-ADB; flight 422; Larnaca, Cyprus: The aircraft, with about 100 passeners and crew was taken over by nine hijackers during a scheduled international flight from Bhangkok, Thailand to Kuwait. The aircraft was diverted to Mashad, Iran, where over the next two days, 56 passengers were released. The plane then flew on to Larnaca, Cyprus, where 12 more hostages were freed, but two of the passengers were killed. The aircraft then flew on to Algiers, Algeria where the hijackers surrendered several days later.
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Kuwait Airways plane crashes
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