Gulf Air plane crashes

The following are significant events involving the airline or its subsidiares. The numbered events are those involving at least one airline passenger death where the aircraft flight had a direct or indirect role, and where at least one of the dead passengers was not a stowaway, hijacker, or saboteur. Only events since 1970 are included.

  1. 23 September 1983; Gulf Air 737-200; Mino Jobel Ali, near Abu Dhabi, UAE: Crashed during approach after a bomb had exploded in the baggage compartment. The crash killed all six crew members and 105 of 111 passengers.

  2. 23 August 2000; Gulf Air A320-200; Near Manama, Bahrain: The aircraft was making at least a second attempt to land at the Bahrain International Airport after a flight from Cairo when the aircraft crashed into the sea about three miles (4.8 km) from the airport. The aircraft was executing a missed approach and descended into the sea shortly after the crew received warnings associated with a flap overspeed condition. All eight crew members and 135 passengers were killed.

Gulf Air plane crashes -- Revised: 27 January 2017