1999 Airline safety and security review

This review includes all significant safety or security related occurrences from 1999. Numbered events involve the death of at least one airline passenger, and all events meet criteria set by AirSafe.com

  1. 24 February 1999; China Southwest Airlines Tupolev 154; near Ruian, China: The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Chengdu to Wenzhou when the aircraft exploded and crashed about 12 miles (19 km) from its destination. The weather was reportedly clear, and the plane was descending through about 3,300 feet (1000 meters) shortly before radio contact with the aircraft was lost. All 11 crew members and 50 passengers were killed.
    Fatal passenger events for the airlines of China

  2. 25 February 1999; Minerva Airlines Dornier 328; Genoa, Italy: The aircraft overran the runway after a flight from Cagliari, Sandina and came to rest in water. One of the four crew members and three of the 27 passengers were killed.
    Dornier 328 plane crashes

  3. 1 June 1999; American Airlines MD80; Little Rock, AR: The aircraft ran off the runway, broke up, and caught fire after a night landing. There were thunderstorms in the area at the time of the event. One of the six crew members and 10 of the 139 passengers were killed.
    MD80 plane crashes

  4. 16 June 1999; Airlink Bandeirante; near Goroka, Papua New Guinea: The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Nadzab to Goroka when it crashed into high ground about 12.5 miles (20 km) from Goroka. Both crew members and all 15 passengers were killed.
    Bandeirante plane crashes

    16 July 1999; Piper Saratoga; Atlantic Ocean near Vinyard Haven, MA: John F. Kennedy, Jr., son of the late president, was the pilot of a single-engine aircraft on a night cross-country flight between Caldwell, New Jersey and Vinyard Haven, Massachusetts. During descent, the pilot lost control of the aircraft and crashed in the Atlantic Ocean several miles from shore. The NTSB concluded that Kennedy, who was not an instrument-rated pilot, became spatially disoriented in conditions of haze and darkness. The pilot and both passengers, his wife and a sister-in-law, were killed. This event did not involve an airline aircraft.
    More details about this accident
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  5. 24 July 1999; Air Fiji Bandeirante; near Suva, Fiji: The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Suva to Nadi when it struck a ridge in a mountainous region of the island nation. Both crew members and all 15 passengers were killed.

  6. 7 August 1999; Cabo Verde Airlines Dornier 228;-200; Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde: The aircraft, which was owned by the Cape Verde Coast Guard and was in airline service as a temporary replacement aircraft, crashed into high ground while returning to the departure airport. The air turn back was due to low visibility caused by rain and fog. Both crew members and all 16 passengers were killed.
    Dornier 228 plane crashes

  7. 22 August 1999; China Airlines MD11; Hong Kong, China: The aircraft was landing in Hong Kong at night and during a storm after a flight from Bangkok. The aircraft struck the runway and came to rest upside down and on fire. All 15 crew members survived, but three of the 300 passengers were killed.
    MD11 plane crashes
    China Airlines plane crashes since 1970

  8. 24 August 1999; Uni Air MD90-30; Flight 873; Hualien, Taiwan: The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight from Taipei to Hualien, Taiwan. A fire broke out in one of the overhead baggage compartments shortly after landing. The fire was caused by two gasoline filled plastic bottles which leaked and caught fire due to a short circuit in a battery that was also in the overhead baggage compartment. The upper fuselage was destroyed by the fire. All six crewmembers survived, but one of the 90 passengers was killed. There were 27 other passenger injuries, 13 of them serious.
    Accident Description from Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council
    Final Report from Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council

  9. 31 August 1999; LAPA 737-200; Buenos Aires, Argentina: The aircraft settled back onto the runway just after takeoff, overran the runway, hit two cars on a nearby road, and caught fire. The crew had continued the takeoff in spite of a configuration alarm. There were 65 fatalities among the 98 passengers, five crew members. Two of the occupants in the cars were also killed.
    737 plane crashes

  10. 31 October 1999; EgyptAir 767-300ER; Atlantic Ocean near Nantucket Island, MA: Radar and radio contact with the aircraft was lost shortly after the aircraft departed JFK Airport in New York on a flight to Cairo. The aircraft crashed into the ocean about 60 miles (96 km) south of Nantucket Island. The NTSB determined that the aircraft departed from controlled flight and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean as a result of flight control inputs by the first officer. All 14 crew members and 203 passengers were killed.
    EgyptAir Flight 990 accident investigation
    EgyptAir plane crashes since 1970
    767 plane crashes

  11. 9 November 1999; TAESA DC9-31; near Uruapan, Mexico: The aircraft reportedly exploded shortly after takeoff on a scheduled flight to Mexico City and crashed about six miles (9.6 km) from Urupuan. All five crew members and 13 passengers were killed.
    DC9 plane crashes

  12. 11 December 1999; SATA ATP; Azores, Portugal: The aircraft reportedly crashed on São Jorge island during a flight from São Miguel Island to Faial Island in the Azores. There were no survivors reported among the four crew members and 31 passengers.

  13. 21 December 1999; Cubana DC10-30; Guatemala City, Guatemala: The aircraft overran the wet runway and came to rest in a residential neighborhood adjacent to the airport. Eight of the 18 crew members and nine of the 296 passengers were killed. Nine people in the neighborhood were also killed.
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  14. 24 December 1999; Indian Airlines A300; near Katmandu, Nepal: The flight was hijacked shortly after takeoff. The hijackers killed one of the 173 passengers, but none of the 11 crew members.

  15. 25 December 1999; Cubana Yak42; near Valencia, Venezuela: The aircraft was approaching Valencia after a flight from Havana when the aircraft struck high ground about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Valencia. All 12 crew members 10 passengers were killed.
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1999 Airline safety and security review
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