2000 Airline safety and security review

This review includes important safety or security related occurrences from 2000. There are two types of events in this review, numbered events and significant events. Numbered events must meet the following criteria:

  • There is at least one passenger fatality,
  • The flight was open to the general public, and
  • The aircraft was a large jet or turboprop driven model that is typically used in airline service.

Significant events are those that don't meet the criteria for a numbered event, but would likely be of interest to airline passengers and the aviation safety and security community. These events may include non-fatal airline accidents, events unrelated to an airline flight, hijackings, military actions, criminal activities, or acts of sabotage.

Definitions used by AirSafe.com

  1. 10 January 2000; Crossair Saab 340; HB-AKK; flight 498; near Zurich, Switzerland: The aircraft had just departed on a scheduled international flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Dresden, Germany when it crashed just north of the runway. The three crew members and seven passengers were all killed.
    Swissair and Crossair crashes
    Saab 340 crashes

  2. 30 January 2000; Kenya Airways A310-300; 5Y-BEN; flight 431; near Abidjan, Ivory Coast: The aircraft crashed into the Atlantic Ocean shortly after taking off at night for a scheduled international flight from Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Lagos, Nigeria. All ten crew members and 169 of the 179 passengers were killed.
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  3. 31 January 2000; Alaska Airlines MD83; N963AS, flight 261; near Pt. Mugu, CA: The aircraft was on a flight from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to San Francisco when it crashed into the Pacific Ocean about 20 miles (32 km) northwest of the LAX airport. Reportedly, the aircraft was diverting to Los Angeles and started a rapid descent from about 17,000 feet. All 83 passengers and five crew members were killed.
    Links to more details and resources

  4. 19 April 2000; Air Philippines 737-200; RP-C3010; flight 541; near Davao, Philippines: The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight in the Philippines from Manila to Davao City. The crew broke off the first approach because of traffic on the runway. The crew then requested a second approach for a landing in the opposite diretion on the same runway. During this second approach, the aircraft crashed on Samal Island near the city of Davao in a coconut plantation. The accident site was about 500 feet above sea level, and the the aicraft should have been at 1500 feet above sea level at that point. All 124 passengers and seven crew members were killed in the crash.
    737 plane crashes

  5. 21 May 2000; Executive Airlines BAe Jetstream 31; N16EJ; near Wilkes-Barre, PA: The aircraft, which was an on-demand charter flight operating from Atlantic City, NJ to Wilkes-Barre, PA, crashed about eight miles (12.8 km) from the airport while maneuvering for its second landing attempt. The second landing was attempted during a period of reduced visibility after a charter flight from Atlantic City, NJ. Both crew members and all 17 passengers were killed.
    Jetstream plane crashes
    NTSB accident report

    1 June 2000; Cessna 414A; N414PS; Prescott Valley, AZ: Actor Patrick Swayze escaped injury after he made an emergency landing in a housing development in Prescott Valley, AZ. The aircraft was damaged during the landing when it hit two street lights and a stop sign. He had been en route from Van Nuys, CA to Las Vegas, NM when his aircraft apparently had a pressurization problem at about 13,000 feet.
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  6. 5 June 2000; Ghana Airlink F27-600; Accra, Ghana: The aircraft, which originated its domestic flight in Tamale, crashed at Kotoka Airport in Accra while landing during a heavy rainstorm. The aircraft reportedly touched down nose first and the fuselage broke in two. Six of the 52 occupants were killed. The aircraft was being operated by the Ghana Air Force as a civil airline flight.

    18 June 2000 ; Beechcraft Bonanza; Lincoln, NE: While landing, the plane departed the runway due to a gust of wind. The aircraft sustained minor damage, and neither Ford or his passenger were injured.
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  7. 22 June 2000; Wuhan Airlines Y-7; near Wuhan, China: The aircraft was inbound to Wuhan after departing from Enshi on a domestic flight and reportedly circled Wuhan for about 30 minutes due to thunderstorms in the area. The aircraft crashed during an emergency landing about 12 miles (19.2 km) from the airport. All four crew members and 40 passengers were killed. Seven people on the ground were also killed.

  8. 8 July 2000; Aerocaribe BAe Jetstream 32; Villahermosa, Mexico: The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Tuxla Gutierrez to Villahermosa crashed en route about a half hour after takeoff. It was reported that the pilot had diverted from the intended flight path due to weather conditions. Both crew members and all 17 passengers were killed.
    Jetstream crashes

  9. 17 July 2000; Alliance Air 737-200; Patna, India: The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Calcutta to Patna and was making a second approach when the aircraft crashed into a residential area about 2 km (1.25 miles) from the airport. All six crew members and 45 of the 52 passengers were killed. Five people on the ground were also killed.
    737 plane crashes

  10. 25 July 2000; Air France Concorde near Paris, France: The aircraft was on a charter flight from Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris to JFK airport in New York. There was apparently a problem with at least one of the engines, either during takeoff or shortly after takeoff. The aircraft caught fire and crashed into a hotel near the airport. All 100 passengers and nine crew members were killed. Four people on the ground were also killed.
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  11. 27 July 2000; Royal Nepal Airlines Twin Otter; Jarayakchali, Nepal: The aircraft departed Bajhang on a scheduled domestic flight from Bajhang to Dhangadhi. The aircraft was later found to have crashed against a hill. All 22 passengers and three crew members were killed.

    11 August 2000; Southwest Airlines 737; en route from Las Vegas, NV to Salt Lake City, UT: The aircraft was on a scheduled flight from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City when about 20 minutes before landing, a 19 year old passenger became belligerent and attempted to enter the cockpit. While being escorted back to his seat, the 19 year old attacked another passenger. A number of other passengers subdued him until the aircraft landed. After landing, the now unconscious passenger was removed from the aircraft and he died several hours later. The medical examiner found traces of drugs in the dead passenger's system, but listed the cause of death as suffocation.

    The death was classified as a homicide, but none of the passengers involved in the incident were charged with a crime. No other crew members or passengers were seriously injured or killed. Because this passenger death was due at least in part to the deliberate actions of that passenger, this does not constitute a fatal event as defined by AirSafe.com.

  12. 23 August 2000; Gulf Air A320; Near Manama, Bahrain: The aircraft was making a third attempt to land at the Bahrain International Airport after a flight from Cairo when the aircraft crashed into the sea about three miles (4.8 km) from the airport. All eight crew members and 135 passengers were killed.
    Gulf Air crashes
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    6 October 2000; Aeromexico DC9; Reynosa, Mexico: The aircraft was landing in Reyosa, Mexico after a flight from Mexico City, overshot the runway, and crashed into some nearby homes. None of the 83 passengers and six crew members were killed, but four people on the ground were killed. There was rain in the area at the time of the accident, and there were no lights at the airport. This event does not count as a fatal event as defined in this site, so the fatal event rates for Aeromexico and the DC9 are unchanged.
    Aeromexico fatal events

    16 October 2000; Cessna 335; near St. Louis, Missouri: The governor of Missouri, Mel Carnahan, along with two others were apparently killed in the crash of a small private plane about 25 miles (40 km) south of St. Louis. The aircraft had departed from the St. Louis area about 7 p.m. local time and was transporting the governor to a campaign stop in New Madrid, Missouri. The accident occurred at about 7:30 p.m., shortly after the pilot had reported a problem with one of the aircraft's instruments. The accident occurred at night and there was rain and fog in the area. This event did not involve an airline aircraft.

  13. 31 October 2000; Singapore Airlines 747-400; Taipei, Taiwan:
    The aircraft crashed and burned shortly after taking off from Taipei on a scheduled flight to Los Angeles. The aircraft reportedly attempted to take off on a runway that was undergoing repairs and struck construction equipment on the runway. There was rain and wind in the area from an approaching typhoon at the time of the crash. There were 78 fatalities among the 159 passengers and four fatalities among the 20 crew members on the aircraft.
    Singapore Airlines plane crashes

    20 December 2000; Hawker Siddeley HA-125-700; N236BN; Jackson Hole, WY Actress Sandra Bullock, who has starred in "Speed," "Miss Congeniality," "Gravity," and many other movies was one of two passengers in a private jet that was severely damaged in a landing accident. The aircraft was on an unscheduled domestic flight from Austin, TX to Jackson Hole, WY, and landed to the side of the runway. The nose landing gear, nose cone, and both wings were damaged in the landing. Neither of the two passengers or two crew members were injured.
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