Plane Crashes for airlines of the
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The following events are those involving at least one passenger death during a passenger flight of a large jet transport where the aircraft flight had a direct or indirect role. Excluded would be events where the only passengers killed were stowaways, hijackers, or saboteurs. The following list also excludes events prior to 1 July 1997 involving airlines based in Hong Kong. Any events without a number were included because the special circumstances around the event. This list includes events after 1980.

  1. 26 April 1982; CAAC Trident 2E; near Guilin, China: The aircraft hit a mountain during an approach in heavy rain. All eight crew members and 104 of the 112 passengers were killed.

    24 December 1982; CAAC Ilyushin 18B; Canton (Guangzhou), China: The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight when an onboard fire broke out as a result of a carelessly discarded cigarette. The aircraft landed and the passengers and crew evacuated, but 25 of the 50 passengers were killed. All 11 crew members survived. The accident report

  2. 14 September 1983; CAAC Trident 2E; Guilin airport, China: The aircraft was taxiing on the runway to prior to takeoff when it was struck by a military fighter landing on the same runway. Eleven of the 100 passengers were killed.

  3. 31 August 1988; CAAC Trident 2E; Hong Kong: The aircraft was attempting a daytime landing in rain when it undershot its landing and struck a sea wall just short of the runway threshold. The aircraft departed to the right side of the runway and entered the adjacent bay and was partially submerged. All six crew members and one of the 83 passengers were killed.

  4. 2 October 1990; Xiamen Airlines 737-200; Guangzhou, China: Hijacker detonated bomb during approach, causing the 737 to hit parked 757 on the ground. Seven of the nine crew members and 75 of the 93 passengers were killed.

  5. 2 October 1990; China Southern Airlines 757-200; Guanghou Airport, China: The 757 was struck on the ground by a hijacked Xiamen Airlines 737-200 that was attempting to land. There were 46 fatalities among the 110 passengers.

  6. 31 July 1992; China General Aviation Yak-42D; Jiangsu Province, China: The aircraft settled back down on the runway shortly after takeoff and overran the runway before coming to rest in a water filled ditch. About 108 of the 126 occupants were killed.

  7. 24 November 1992; China Southern Airlines 737-300; Guangzhou, China: Aircraft hit high ground during approach. All eight crew members and 133 passengers were killed.

  8. 6 April 1993; China Eastern Airlines MD11; near Aleutian Islands, USA: The crew accidentally deployed the leading edge slats in cruise. While trying to correct the initial pitching of the aircraft, the crew put the aircraft through several more oscillations. Two of the 248 passengers were killed during these maneuvers.

  9. 23 July 1993; China Northwest BAe146-300; Yinchuan, China: The aircraft had a rejected takeoff and overran the runway. One of the five crew members and 54 of the 108 passengers were killed.

  10. 26 October 1993; China Eastern MD82; Fuzhou, China: The aircraft touched down long during a rain storm and went off the end of the runway. Two of the 71 passengers were killed.

  11. 13 November 1993; China Northern MD82; Urumqui, China: The aircraft crashed about 2 km short during an approach in dense fog. Eight of the 92 passengers and four of the eight crew were killed.

  12. 6 June 1994; China Northwest Airlines Tupolev 154M; near Xian, China: The aircraft lost control and crashed about eight minutes after a daylight takeoff in heavy rain. The loss of control was apparently due to an improperly rigged autopilot system. All 14 crew members and 146 passengers were killed.

  13. 8 May 1997; China Southern Airlines 737-300; Shenzhen, China: The aircraft landed at night during a heavy rainstorm at Shenzhen-Huangtian airport after a domestic flight from Chongqing. The aircraft apparently broke up and caught fire after it veered off the runway. Early reports indicate that at least two of the nine crew members and 33 of the 65 passengers were killed.

  14. 24 February 1999; China Southwest Airlines Tupolev 154; near Ruian, China: The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Chengdu to Wenzhou when the aircraft exploded and crashed about 12 miles (19 km) from its destination. The weather was reportedly clear, and the plane was descending through about 3,300 feet (1000 meters) shortly before radio contact with the aircraft was lost. All 11 crew members and 50 passengers were killed.

  15. 22 June 2000; Wuhan Airlines Y7-100; Sitai, China: The aircraft was inbound to Wuhan from Enshi when it was forced to circle Wuhan for about 30 minutes due to thunderstorms in the area. The aircraft crashed near the village of Sitai, resulting in the death of all four crew members and forty passengers. Seven people on the ground were also killed.

  16. 15 April 2002; Air China 767-200ER; near Pusan, South Korea: The aircraft crashed near a residential area near the airport shortly before landing after a flight from Beijing. There was dense fog and low visibility reported in the area. There were 128 fatalities among the 11 crew members and 155 passengers.
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  17. 7 May 2002; China Northern MD82; near Dalian, China: The aircraft crashed about 20 km (12.5 mi) off the coast of Dalian after a flight from Beijing. The flight was carrying nine crew members and 103 passengers. There were no reports of survivors.
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  18. 21 November 2004; China Yunnan Airlines (China Eastern) CRJ-200; Baotou, China: The aircraft crashed shortly after taking off on a scheduled domestic flight from Baotou to Shanghai. According to witnesses, the aircraft caught fire and suffered in in-flight breakup before crashing into a frozen lake about two kilometers (1.3 miles) from the runway. The six crew members and 47 passengers were all killed in the crash. Two people on the ground were also killed.
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  19. 24 August 2010; Henan Airlines ERJ-190; B-3130; flight VD8387; Yichun, China:
    The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight from Harbin to Yichun, China. The aircraft broke up and caught fire after it overran the runway after landing. At the time of the crash, there was fog in the area and limited visibility. The aircraft carried five crew members and 91 passengers, and 43 of the occupants were killed. At least one flight crew member survived.
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