Airlines without passener fatalities

The following listing includes a sample of airlines from the US and Canada that have not had an event causing a fatality event since 1970. If the airline was started after 1970, its year of initial passenger operations is included. After this list are links to airlines without passenger fatalities in other world regions.

United States and Canada
Air Transat (1987)
Allegiant Air (1998)
Canadian North (1989)
Cape Air (1989)
Frontier Airlines* (1994)
GoJet Airlines (2004)
Hawaiian Airlines
Horizon Air (1981)
Jazz (Air Canada Express) (2001)
JetBlue (2000)
Omni Air International (1997)
Porter Airlines (2006)
PSA Airlines (1995)
Sky Regional Airlines (Air Canada Express)
Southwest (1971)
Spirit Airlines (1992)
Sun Country Airlines (1983)
Trans States Airlines (1982)
Virgin America (2007)
WestJet Airlines (1996)

* A different airline also called Frontier ceased operations in 1986.

Airlines without passenger fatalities by region
United States and Canada
Latin America and the Caribbean
Africa and the Middle East
Asia and Australasia

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Airlines without passener fatalities -- Revised 12 March 2019