Asia and Pacific region airlines with no passenger deaths

The following listing includes a sample of airlines from the Asia and Pacific region that have not had an event causing a fatality event since 1970. If the airline was started after 1970, its year of initial passenger operations is included.

Air Do (1998)
Air Macau (1995)
Cathay Dragon* (1985)
EVA Air (1991)
Hainan Airlines (1989)
IndieGo (2006)
JAL Express* (1998)
Jet Airways (1993)
Japan TransOcean Air*
Juneyao Airlines (2005)
Royal Brunei Airlines (1975)
Shandong Airlines* (1994)
Shanghai Airlines* (1985)
Shenzhen Airlines (1992)
Sichuan Airlines (1988)
Skymark Airlines (1998)
SpiceJet (2005)
Tigerair (2003)

* Airline has either a subsidiary or a parent airline that was responsible for at least one fatal event since 1970.

Airlines without passenger fatalities by region
United States and Canada
Latin America and the Caribbean
Africa and the Middle East
Asia and Pacific region

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Asia and Pacific region airlines with no passenger deaths -- Revised 9 January 2020