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Thank you for subscribing to the mailing list. Please feel free to download one or more of the free ebooks, or to visit some of the sites in the network. If you want to distribute one or more of these books to your school, business, or other organization, please contact us. Family Air Travel Guide

Cover of Family Air Travel Guide Everyone who flies has issues with things like security, baggage, and flight delays, but parents who fly with their children, and children who fly alone, face unique challenges when it comes to those issues, and to family travel issues like diaper changing and rules for unaccompanied minors. This book gives both parents and children plenty of advice on how to handle common air travel problems.
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Cover of Baggage and Security Guide Written by creator Dr. Todd Curtis, this book brings together information from numerous airlines, government agencies, and from the network of web sites, to provide airline passengers with insights on how to effectively complain to their airline or to the TSA when they experience bad service. More importantly, it gives passengers detailed advice on how to avoid situations that may lead to a complaint.
Go to the Download Page Baggage and Security Guide Cover of Baggage and Security Guide Includes extensive information on what is allowed or prohibited on board aircraft, as well as advice on how to reduce your risk of theft or damage to items in checked baggage. Whether you are a frequent flyer, or just fly on special occasions, even a little knowledge about the basic baggage and security rules can keep your trip from turning into a disaster.
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Parenting and the Internet
The Guide for Raising Your Child to Be Smarter and Safer Online
Cover of Parenting and the Internet If the Internet is part of your child's life, you need to be involved with what your child does online. This book gives you the tools you need to be an effective parent by providing detailed advice for protecting your privacy, security, and safety when you or your child goes online. Every parent, from online novice to online expert, can use this book to help their child master the tools of the Internet while enhancing the online experiences of both you and your child.

Who is this Book For? This book is for anyone who is responsible in some way for a child who is on the Internet or who is about to be on the Internet. It is particularly useful for parents who have a computer at home. For parents that don't have a home computer, you can always look for a sale or a used computer from a trusted source to get something inexpensive, because it's a good idea to get your child using a home computer from an early age to help with their learning.

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The Podcasting Manual
The Podcasting Manual Interested in becoming a podcaster? This manual clearly explains a step-by-step process for producing an audio or video podcast series, as well as the types of roles that have to be filled if you want to produce a series of shows over a long period of time.

Who is this Book For?
If you are thinking about publishing audio podcasts, or maybe a video series on YouTube, you should check this book out to see what it takes to make the process easier, and how to maintain a consistent level of quality in your shows. Whether you are doing this alone, or have a production team behind you, having a reliable and proven process will make your live easier.

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Key Network Sites has a number of stories of passengers who complained about the service they receved. Sometimes, the airline was at fault, and sometimes it was the passenger who caused the problem. Take the time to read some of the articles so you can learn from their experience. contains news and commentary about airline safety, airline security, plane crashes, and airline policy issues.

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