Family Air Travel Guide

Cover of Family Air Travel Guide Everyone who flies has issues with things like security, baggage, and flight delays, but parents who fly with their children, and children who fly alone, face unique challenges when it comes to those issues, and to family travel issues like diaper changing and rules for unaccompanied minors. This book by creator Dr. Todd Curtis gives both parents and children plenty of advice on how to handle common air travel problems.

About the Book
This book's approach is to identify common air travel problems families may face, and provide insights into how these problems can either be completely avoided, how proper planning may make problems that do occur less likely to ruin a trip, and also how to manage problems once they occur. The book is written so that it can be a very convenient guide for passengers, with a design that makes it easy to read on a mobile device, and with convenient links between related sections of the book.

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