Airline Complaint Guide

Cover of Airline Complaint Guide Written by creator Dr. Todd Curtis, this book brings together information from numerous airlines, government agencies, and from the network of web sites, this book provides airline passengers with insights on how to effectively complain to their airline or to the TSA when they experience bad service. More importantly, it gives passengers detailed advice on how to avoid situations that may lead to a complaint.

Who is this Book For?
Anyone who flies knows that there are a number of situations that can ruin a trip and end up costing time and money to fix. Complaining about a problem may help, but avoiding the situation that led to the complaint would help even more. In this book, airline safety and security expert Dr.Todd Curtis shows how passengers should complain to their airline or to the TSA when things go wrong.

Dr. Curtis also provides detailed and extensive advice that will help an airline passenger to make the kinds of decisions that will either keep many typical air travel problems from happening in the first place, reduce the chance that these problems occur, or help to resolve a problem quickly and effectively should one occur.

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