Passenger Information and Advice

Passengers are concerned with safety, but they are also concerned with other aspects of their journey. This page links passengers to information on weather conditions, flight delays, and other travel advice.

Travel Warnings and Advisories
US State Department
Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs
UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Safety and Security Advice
Top 10 airline safety tips
Top 10 airline safety questions
Airport Security
Air Rage
Cabin Safety
Child Safety
Tips for Travel During Increased Hijack Threats
Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents
Airport Security Issues
WHO Traveler Health Advice

Basic Advice
Fear of Flying
Frequent Flyer Program Basics
Tips for the Infrequent Flyer

Flight Tracking and Status
U.S. Flight Delays

Traveler News and Information
Air Guide Online
Rewards for Justice

Weather and Turbulence Data
World Weather
U.S. Weather Radar
Turbulence Maps
Pilot Reports (PIREPs)
U.S. Lightning Activity
World Weather
Other Turbulence Data

Baggage Issues
General Baggage Advice
Top 10 Baggage Tips
Carry-on Luggage Advice
Risks from Overhead Baggage
Dangerous Goods

Customer Service
Delays, Bumping, and Other Problems
Making Complaints

Other Useful Information
Worldwide Web Cam Directory
Johnny Jet's Travel Portal
Time Around the World

Health Advisories
WHO Traveler Health Advice
U.S. Centers for Disease Control
Travel Health Online
Deep Vein Thrombosis Risks

Airline Travel Information and Advice -- Revised: 17 June 2014