Chemical and biological warfare threats

The events of 11 September 2001 was a tragic illustration of how jet airliners could be used as weapons of mass destruction. Subsequent to those events, there has been an increasing fear of what could happen if chemical or biological agents are used against civilian targets such as aircraft and airports. The following links provide information on biological and chemical agents and their effects on human beings.

This information, primarily from the Centers for Disease Control, could be used by emergency or medical personnel so that they may be better prepared to prevent illness and injury that would result from biological and chemical attacks, especially covert attacks. Primary health-care providers, fire fighters, and police officers should be aware of the effects of these biological and chemical agents because they will probably be the first to observe and report unusual illness or injuries.

Biological Diseases

Anthrax (bacillus anthracis)
Botulism  (clostridium botulinum)
Plague  (yersinia pestis)
Smallpox (variola major)
 (francisella tularensis)
Viral hemorrhagic fever
Brucellosis  (Brucella)

Chemical Agents

Lewisite (L)
Mustard Gas (H)
Nitrogen Mustard (HN-2)
Phosgene Oxime (CX)
Arsine (SA)
Cyanide (AC)

Choking/Lung/Pulmonary Damaging
Chlorine (CL)
Phosgene (CG)

Sarin (GB)
Soman (GD)
Tabun (GA)

Chemical and biological warfare threats -- Revised 16 September 2015