Aviation Safety and Policy Related Sites

This page provides links to a number of aviation safety related pages which have either summary statistics, formal accident reports, or aviation areas of interest.

Subject List
Fatal Airline Events
U.S. Accident and Incident Reports
Other Accident and Incident Reports
U.S. Air Safety Regulation and Policy
Airline Safety Advice
Child Safety in the Air
Law enforcement and security

Fatal Plane Crashes
Most Recent Fatal Events
Most Recent Fatal Events in the U.S. or Involving U.S. Carriers
Fatal Passenger Events By Airline Since 1970
Fatal Jet Airliner Events by Model
Fatal Event Rates for Selected Airliner Models
Fatal U.S. and Canadian Bombing Events
Fatal Midair Collision Events

Accident and Incident Reports
Australia : Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Canada: Transportation Safety Board of Canada.
France: Bureau Enquetes Accidents (BEA)
New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission
South Africa : Civil Aviation Authority
United Kingdom : Air Accidents Investigation Branch

Airline Safety Advice
Flight Safety Information Newsletter
Top 10 Air Traveler Safety Tips
Top 10 Questions About Airline Safety
Things You Should Not Bring on Board

Law enforcement and security
Discover Criminal Justice

Aircraft Photos and Aviation Graphics
AirDisaster.com Photo Gallery of Major Accidents
PlaneCrashInfo.com photo links

Other Aviation Safety Related Sites
The Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)
Airline Accidents and Media Bias: New York Times 1978-1994
Aviation Safety Network
Computer-Related Incidents with Commercial Aircraft
Famous People in Aircraft Accidents
Flight Safety Foundation Resource Links

Aviation Safety and Policy Related Links
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