U.S. Government Airline Safety Information

The following links lead to information concerning U.S. safety and security-related regulations and related information. Included here are links to incident data, accident data, safety and security policy, and safety-related sanctions against airlines and other aviation related organizations.

Aviation Safety Databases
Key Accident and Incident Databases
NTSB Accidents and Serious Incidents Database
NTSB Accidents and Serious Incidents Sorted by Date
Quarterly Enforcement Actions
Database of Enforcement Actions

U.S. Accidents and Incidents
Last 10 days of U.S. accident and incidents
Airline Information
Federal Aviation Regulations
NTSB accident and incident summaries from 1962 onwards

U.S. Air Safety Regulation and Policy
FAA Aviation Safety Information Analysis
FAA Public Affairs Office
Department of Transportation Public Affairs Office
The FAA International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) Program
Standards for Reporting Accidents Involving Injuries

U.S. Airline Economic and Operational Data
Office of Airline Information (DOT)

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