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History and Purpose of AirSafe.com
This site has been in operation since 3 July 1996, just two weeks before the crash of TWA Flight 800. Since its inception, the goals of AirSafe.com have been to provide the aviation safety community and the general public with factual and timely information on events that involve the deaths of airline passengers. AirSafe.com also provides fatal event information by airline and aircraft model, as well as information about current aviation safety issues.
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Key Features of AirSafe.com
In addition to airline safety, AirSafe.com provides a range of information and resources, including information on fear of flying, aviation-related books, and links to numerous travel and travel-safety oriented sites. The site includes an extensive collection of fatal event records from over 100 airlines. The site's search engine allows access to the growing number of safety-related subjects on the site.

About the Site's Founder
Noted aviation safety expert Dr. Todd Curtis is the founder and publisher of AirSafe.com. A former airline safety analyst with Boeing, Dr. Curtis has written extensively about aviation safety and is the author of the book, Understanding Aviation Safety Data. Dr. Curtis and AirSafe.com have been featured by numerous news organizations including CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

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