Fleet information for selected US airlines

Each link produces the airlines FAA certificate and fleet information from the FAA's National Vitals Information System. Any airline with a regional subsidiary will have the airlines that make up that subsidiary in parentheses. For a quick review of the average fleet age by airline for major airlines inside and outside of the US, visit the Average Fleet Age for Selected Airlines page.

Air Midwest (US Airways Express)
Air Wisconsin (United Express)
Allegheny (US Airways Express)
America West
American Eagle
American Trans Air
Atlantic Coast (United Express)
Atlantic Southeast (Delta Connection)
Business Express (American Connection, Delta Connection, Northwest Airlink)
Piedmont (US Airways Express)
Continental Airlines
Continental Express
Comair (Delta Connection)
Executive Airlines (American Eagle)
Express Airlines (Northwest Airlink)
Great Lakes Aviation (United Express)
Horizon Air
Mesa Airlines (America West Express, US Airways Express)
Mesaba (Northwest Ailink)
Midwest Express
Penninsula Airways
Piedmont (US Airways Express)
PSA (US Airways Express)
Reeve Aleutian
Skywest (Delta Connection, United Express)
Sun Country
Trans States (Delta Connection, Northwest Ailink, Trans World Express, United Express, US Airways Express)
US Airways

Average fleet age by airline for selected U.S. Carriers.
Average fleet age by model for U.S. Carriers.

Fleet information for selected US airlines
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