L1011 plane crashes

The following numbered events involve the death of at least one airline passenger where the aircraft flight had a direct or indirect role, and where at least one of the dead passengers was not a stowaway, hijacker, or saboteur. The events that are not numbered are listed because they meet the criteria of a significant event as defined by AirSafe.com

  1. 29 December 1972; Eastern Airlines L1011; near Miami, FL: The aircraft had a controlled flight into terrain in the Everglades swamp. While approaching Miami at night, the crew allowed the aircraft to enter a shallow descent while they were attempting to diagnose a minor equipment failure. Five of the 13 crew members and 94 of the 163 passengers were killed.

  2. 19 August 1980; Saudia L1011-200; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: The crew turned back shortly after takeoff after a fire broke out in the aft cargo compartment. The aircraft was able to execute a safe landing, but the crew was unable to open the emergency exits due to the smoke and fire. All 14 crew members and 287 passengers were killed.

  3. 23 December 1980; Saudia L1011-200; Arabian Gulf, near Saudi Arabia: Two passengers were blown out of the aircraft after a tire explosion in the wheel well Two of the 288 passengers were killed.

  4. 2 August 1985; Delta Air Lines L1011-001; Dallas, TX: The aircraft crashed shortly before landing after encountering a wind shear from a passing thunderstorm. Eight of the 11 crew members and 128 of the 152 passengers were killed. One person in a passing car was also killed.

  5. 3 May 1986; Air Lanka L1011-100; 4R-ULD; flight UL512; Colombo, Sri Lanka: During the boarding process prior to departure for a scheduled international flight from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Male, Maldives, a bomb exploded in a rear cargo compartment. The explosion separated the rear portion of the aircraft, and killed 20 of the 128 passengers. None of the 20 flight crew members were killed.

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L1011 plane crashes
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