Indian Airlines plane crashes since 1970

The following events are those involving at least one passenger death where the aircraft flight had a direct or indirect role. Excluded would be events where the only passengers killed were stowaways, hijackers, or saboteurs. Indian Airlines was merged into Air India in 2011

  1. 29 August 1970; Indian Airlines F27; near Silchar, India: The aircraft crashed into high ground shortly after takeoff. All five crew members and 34 passengers were killed.

  2. 9 December 1971; Indian Airlines HS748; near Chinnamanur, India: The aircraft was on descent into Madurai when it crashed into high ground about 50 miles (80 km) from the airport. The event occurred in daylight and reduced visibility. All four crew members and 17 passengers were killed.

  3. 11 August 1972; Indian Airlines F27; New Delhi, India: The aircraft lost altitude and crashed after abandoning a landing attempt. All four crew members and 14 passengers were killed.

  4. 31 May 1973; Indian Airlines 737-200; near New Dehli, India: The aircraft crashed and caught fire during landing. The crash killed five of the seven crew members and 43 of the 58 passengers.

  5. 12 October 1976; Indian Airlines Caravelle; Bombay, India: The right engine caught fire shortly after takeoff and the crew elected to return. Fuel flow to the engine was not stopped and the fire spread through the fuselage and led to hydraulic system failure and a loss of aircraft control shortly before landing. All six crew members and 89 passengers were killed.

  6. 4 August 1979; Indian Airlines HS748; near Bombay, India: The aircraft was approaching the airport at night and in poor weather when it collided with high ground about six miles (10 km) from the airport. All four crew members and 41 passengers were killed.

  7. 10 May 1980; Indian Airlines 737-200; near Rampur Hat, India: The aircraft experienced severe en route turbulence. Two of the 132 passengers were killed.

  8. 19 October 1988; Indian Airlines 737-200; Ahmedabad, India: The aircraft hit an electric mast five miles (eight km)out on approach in poor visibility. All six crew members and 124 of 129 passengers were killed.

  9. 14 February 1990; Indian Airlines A320; Bangalore, India: Controlled flight into terrain during approach. Aircraft hit about 400 meters short of the runway. Four of the seven crew members and 88 of the 139 passengers were killed.

  10. 16 August 1991; Indian Airlines 737-200; near Imphal, India: The aircraft hit high ground during descent about 30 km from the airport. All six crew members and 63 passengers were killed.

  11. 26 April 1993; Indian Airlines 737-200; Aurangabad, India: The flight crew initiated their liftoff late and the aircraft struck a large vehicle on a road just outside the airport. The vehicle strike damaged one engine and the aircraft later hit power lines and crashed. Four of the six crew members and 52 of the 112 passengers were killed. The administrators of the airport were also cited for failing to regulate traffic on that same road.

  12. 24 December 1999; Indian Airlines A300; near Katmandu, Nepal: The flight was hijacked shortly after takeoff. The hijackers killed one of the 173 passengers, but none of the 11 crew members.

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Indian Airlines plane crashes since 1970 -- Revised: 16 July 2015