Turkish Airlines Crash in Amsterdam

25 February 2009; Turkish Airlines 737-800; Amsterdam, Netherlands: The aircraft, on a scheduled international flight from Istanbul, Turkey, to Amsterdam, Netherlands crashed in a field about a mile (1.6 km) short of the runway. Four of the seven crew members, including both pilots, were killed, as were five of the 128 passengers.

Preliminary reports from the Dutch accident investigators suggest that a malfunctioning altimeter may have led the flight control system to command a reduction in thrust, as well as a significant drop in airspeed and altitude, during final approach.

This is the 10th fatal event for Turkish Airways since 1970. The most recent prior event was a January 2003 RJ100 crash that killed 75 of the 80 people on board. This is also the 67th fatal event involving the 737, and the third involving one of the current production models of this aircraft. The previous fatal 737 event was a September 2008 crash in Russia.

The last fatal plane crash in Amsterdam was a 1992 crash of an EL Al 747 cargo flight that crashed into an apartment building, killing all three crew members and 43 people on the ground.
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Turkish Airlines Crash in Amsterdam

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Turkish Airlines Plane Crash Flight TK1951 in Amsterdam 25 February 2009
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