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The following are the most popular and most useful special features of the site. Chose from one of several blogs, the Conversation at podcast, or submit a complain to the airline complaint system.

The News
This is the place to go for news on plane crashes, other accidents, airline service issues, changes in aviation safety policy.
This blog features complaints from the airline complaint system, as well as from other sources, that highlight problems passengers have with airline customers service, airport security, baggage handling, and other travel hassles. You can find the most recent articles below:'s collection of selected crash videos from around the world, including airline, military, and private aircraft. You can find the most recent articles below:

The Conversation at Podcast
This podcast features discussions of critical and timely issues related to aviation safety and aviation security. Topics for discussion include fear of flying, making airline complaints, and assessing the risk of your air travel.

Visit the podcast home page at where you can find links to every podcast of the series. Below you will fid links to descriptions and other information from the most recent episodes:

The AirSafe Media Blog
This site is focused on web site development, with an emphasis on the tools, procedures, and techniques that have gone into the production of the related online resources: Special Features -- Revised: 27 September 2014