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The following are significant events which have occurred since the airline began flight operations in 1973. Because this is a cargo airline, none of these events are considered numbered events by, which by definition must must involve at least one passenger death.

    7 April 1994; Federal Express DC-10-30; Flight 705; near Memphis, TN: Auburn Calloway, an off duty Federal Express second officer, was riding in a courier seat outside the cockpit of a Federal Express DC-10. Calloway was the lone passenger on this Memphis to San Jose flight. Shortly after takeoff, Calloway entered the flight deck and attacked the crew with a pair of hammers. During the ensuing bloody struggle, the first officer and flight engineer were able to force Calloway out of the cockpit while the captain put the aircraft through a series of extreme dives and turns in an effort to knock Calloway off balance.

    For a short time, the aircraft was on autopilot as the entire three person crew attempted to get Calloway out of the cockpit. The captain was able to return the aircraft safely to Memphis while the other two crew members continued the struggle all the way to the ground. All of the occupants were injured, and only the captain escaped serious injury.

    Calloway also had other weapons - a spear gun, a hunting knife, and two other hammers - on the aircraft. There was also a note that indicated that Calloway intended to commit suicide. Calloway's attack also occurred one day before a scheduled personnel hearing with his superiors, reportedly concerning allegations of false information on his job application. Calloway is currently a long term resident of a federal corrections facility.
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    5 September 1996; Federal Express DC10-10; ; near Newburgh, NY: The aircraft was at FL330 on a flight from Memphis, TN to Boston, MA when the crew received a smoke alarm from the cargo area. The crew diverted to Newburgh, NY. The three flight crew members and two other crew members were able to escape the aircraft before it was destroyed by fire. The NTSB conclude that the cause of the accident was an in-flight cargo fire of undetermined origin.
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    31 July 1997; Federal Express MD-11F; Flight 14; Newark, NJ: The aircraft was on a scheduled cargo flight from Anchorage, AK to Newark, NJ. The aircraft touched bounced after touchdown, and after touching down a second time the right hand engine (number three) dragged along the ground until the right wing spars broke, causing the aircraft to skid off the right side of the runway. The aircraft ended up inverted and on fire.

    This same aircraft (tail number N611FE) was involved with a bounced landing and tail strike in Anchorage, Alaska on November 4, 1994, and also another hard landing that same year, but the NTSB concluded that the aircraft had been properly repaired Both crew members and three other occupants survived.

    This plane crash was a cargo flight, and resulted in no fatalities, and is not a fatal event as defined by, but is included because of the seriousness of the event.
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    17 October 1999; Federal Express MD-11F; Flight 87; Subic Bay, Philippines: The aircraft was landing in Subic Bay after a flight from Shanghai, China. The aircraft had an excessively high landing speed and as a result overran the runway, coming to rest in Subic Bay. Although most of the aircraft was submerged, both crew members survived.

    This plane crash was a cargo flight, and resulted in no fatalities, and is not a fatal event as defined by, but is included because of the seriousness of the event.
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    26 July 2002; FedEx Express 727-200; Flight 1478; Tallahassee, FL: The airplane was operating from Memphis, TN, to Tallahassee, FL. The airplane crashed short of the runway, and was destroyed by a post crash fire. All three crewmembers were seriously injured.
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    18 December 2003; FedEx Express DC-10-10F; Flight 647; Memphis, TN: The aircraft was on a flight from Oakland, CA to Memphis, TN. The right main landing gear collapsed after the aircraft made a hard landing, and the airplane veered off the right side of the runway. The right gear collapsed, and the aircraft was substantially damaged by a post crash fire. Of the two flight crewmembers and five nonrevenue FedEx pilots on board the airplane, the first officer and one nonrevenue pilot received minor injuries during the evacuation.
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    23 March 2009; FedEx Express MD-11F; Flight 80; near Tokyo, Japan: The aircraft was on a cargo flight from Guangzhou, China to Narita Airport near Tokyo, Japan. The aircraft bounced on landing, and contacted the runway a second time nose wheel first before rolling to the left, contacting the runway with its left stabilizer and wing, and catching fire. The aircraft ended up in an inverted position. Both crew members were killed.
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    28 October 2016; FedEx Express DC-10; N370FE: Flight FX910; Fort Lauderdale, FL: The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Memphis, TN to Fort Lauderdale, FL. At some point during the landing, the left main landing gear collapsed, and the aircraft came to rest near the landing runway. A fire broke out, seriously damaging the left side of the aircraft. The two crew members were not injured.
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