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Patrick Smith, professional airline pilot and long time contributor to, is also the author of the book Cockpit Confidential, an insider's guide to the airline business in general and the life of an airline pilot in particular. This book is about the airline business and about airline careers, but perhaps more importantly it is a story about a love affair between Patrick and aviation. Not the kind that is short, passionate, and comes to a dramatic end at the first sign of trouble, but a love that runs deep, the kind that evolves and matures over decades, and that is strong enough to survive more than a few trials and tribulations.

The book covers a wide range of issues, starting with answers to common questions passengers have about how an airplane works and how airliners and their crews respond to potential safety situations. Later on, Patrick also discusses notable airline accidents, and also enlightens the reader about several pilot issues, including fatigue, experience, and salaries.

Patrick also shares his lifelong love affair in ways that can be appreciated by current and aspiring aviation professionals, as well as by the average passenger. He addresses a variety of questions about aviation, including questions about how airplanes work, how pilots work their way up the ranks, and why airlines behave in they way they do toward customers and employees.

Patrick sat down with in May 2013 to talk about his book, and about a range of airline issues.

Patrick Smith interview on Cockpit Confidential

Several years earlier, in March 2008 Todd Curtis interviewed about his first book, Ask the Pilot from 2004.

Patrick Smith interview about his book Ask the Pilot

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