Parenting and the Internet

The Guide for Raising Your Child
to Be Smarter and Safer Online

If the Internet is part of your child's life, you need to be involved with what your child does online. This book explains why you must take an active role in your child's online life and gives you the tools you need to be an effective parent. It does so by providing detailed advice for protecting your family's privacy, by showing you how to improve your family's online security, and by providing instructions on how to safely and effectively use online resources like email and search engines. Every parent, from online novice to online expert, can use this book to help their child master the tools of the Internet while enhancing the online experiences of both you and your child.

Who is this Book For?
This book is for anyone who is responsible in some way for a child who is on the Internet or who is about to be on the Internet. It is particularly useful for parents who have a computer at home.

About the Author
Todd Curtis is a parent with plenty of first hand experience when it comes to managing an online child. He previously authored the book Understanding Aviation Safety Data, as well as the Web's most popular airline safety site, Please visit the About the Author page for more details.

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