Bird Strike Hazards to Aircraft

Birds represent a serious, but often misunderstood, threat to aircraft. Most bird strikes do not result in any aircraft damage, but some bird strikes have led to serious accidents involving aircraft of every size. According to Birdstrike Committee USA, bird and other wildlife strikes to aircraft result in over $600 million in damage to US civil and military aviation each year. The lives of the crew and passegers are also at risk. Since 1988, over 200 people have been killed worldwide as a result of encounters with birds and other wildlife.

This site provides various links to information on bird and wildlife strike hazards, including details on the extent of the risk and insights into how these risks may be controlled.

Bird Strike North America Special

Below are links related to the presentation to the 2009 Bird Strike North America Conference in Victoria, Canada on 16 September 2009: Social Media Resources
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Background Information
Threat Overview
Significant Bird Strike Events
Top Ten Things to Know About Bird Strikes
Risk of a Fatal Jet Transport Bird Strike Accident in the US or Canada

Other Resources
Bird Strike News
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Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management
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Birdstrike Overview
Major Strikes
Threat Overview
Myths and Facts
Risk Estimate

Birdstrike and Wildlife Databases
National Wildlife Strike Database (FAA Data)

Report a Birdstrike
Online Form for US Strikes
PDF Form for US Strikes

National and International Bird Strike Committees
Bird Strike Committee USA
Bird Strike Committee Canada
Bird Strike Committee Germany
Bird Strike Committee Italy
International Bird Strike Committee

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