World Aircraft Accident Summary

The World Aircraft Accident Summary (WAAS) produced on behalf of the British Civil Aviation Authority, by FlightGlobal Limited, provides brief details of all known major operational accidents worldwide. A subset of the WAAS is provided by the by the FAA and contains data and descriptive information about all known fatal airline accidents with passenger fatalities for the most recent ten year period.

These accident details presented in the WAAS subset have been drawn from many sources both official and unofficial (including press reports). They are high level summaries, and lack the kind of detailed narrative and technical data that is often contained in official accident reports from sources such as the NTSB, AAIB, and BEA. For this reason, and because sometimes the data is from unofficial sources, the data may be incomplete or otherwise incorrect.

The WAAS database has a different emphasis, and there may be some WAAS events that are not covered by and vice versa.

WAAS resources
WAAS reports 1990-2016 (Right click to download CSV)
WAAS data dictionary (Right click to download CSV)
WAAS database portal

Note: The reports and the data dictionary were obtained from the FAA WAAS database portal on 6 April 2015

World Aircraft Accident Summary -- 3 January 2017