Helicopter Crash Involving
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The head of the Unification Church was one of 16 occupants in a Sikorsky S-92 helicopter that crashed about a mile short of its destination. Everyone on board was able to escape the helicopter before it burst into flames. Rev. Moon's wife and at least three grandchildren were also on the aircraft.

According to a statement from the Unification Church, the nonschedueld flight was on its way from Seoul to the Cheon Jeong Goong Museum, located in Seorakmyeon, about 35 miles from Seoul. The helicopter encountered inclement weather conditions about 20 minutes after takeoff, and made an emergency landing on a hillside about a mile from the intended destination. At the time of the crash, heavy rainfall and fog blanketed the area.

The NTSB sent a team to South Korea to assist in the accident investigation.

Date: 19 July 2008
Location: Seorakmyeon, near Seoul, South Korea
Aircraft: Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter

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Aircraft Incident Involving Rev. Sun Myung Moon
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