$1000 College Scholarship for Aspiring Women - Deadline March 31st

Women now comprise 47% of our workforce. Yet women only earn 41% of all salaries. At non-profit organizations, the gender gap extends to leadership roles.

Our annual scholarship seeks to empower women to assume leadership roles. This is why we recognize outstanding female interns at non-profit organizations.

Available to All Interns at Non-Profit Organizations

Our search for aspiring women

This award is intended for female student leaders. You must have demonstrated outstanding qualities in academics and leadership to be considered. You should be working or have worked as an intern in a non-profit organization, anywhere worldwide. Ongoing or completed internships during this calendar year qualify. Current undergraduate or graduate students, in an accredited, U.S. university are eligible. At the time of your application, you are over 18. You are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the USA.

The deadline is March 31st of each new year. An award is given annually to a new recipient.

How to prepare your application

Submit full name, date of birth and contact info. (email, home address, phone number). Be sure to include your college transcript.

A 300-500 word essay authored by you.
Essay subject:

  • In high school or college, how and in what situation did you demonstrate your leadership qualities?

  • How does this internship relate to your past and future college studies?

Please provide a reference from your internship organization. Include their email or phone number. Forward your application to our email 

Terms of Award: The winning applicant will be selected by judges based on academic achievement and essay content. Scholarship recipient will be notified by email within 30 days of the March 31st annual deadline. A check made payable to the college or university selected by the scholarship recipient will be mailed directly to the school. Only award recipient will receive notification. The winner's name will be posted on our website.

Personal information supplied by our website visitors will be used for the solely for this scholarship award. We will never trade, sell, or share personal data with third party websites. We will only retain personal information for as long as necessary to make the scholarship award.