Become a SOAR Fear of Flying Program Affiliate

If fear of flying is something that is a personal concern, or one that affects a friend or loved one, prorams like those offered by SOAR may be of great help. If you have actually used the program yourself, then you understand how it can make your flying explerience much less stressful and your trip much more enjoyable. Becoming an affiliate is easy, but before you do, you may want to know why has such a close relationship with SOAR.

Why the SOAR Progarm is an Favorite
There are many fear of flying programs out there, but only one has a special relationship with For years, has exclusively offered only their fear of flying products and services, and that's becasue other programs simply can't compare with what SOAR offers:

  • Led by an experienced airline captain who is also licencsed therapist
  • Ongoing support including free weekly chat sessions
  • Multiple programs to address different levels of anxiety
  • Courses tailored to individual needs
  • Decades of experience working with thousands of air travelers
  • Resources available in multiple media, including CD, DVD, and MP3
  • Online and offline resources including blogs, newsletters, and an iPhone app

Affliate Checlist
Like many affiliate programs, it costs nothing to join, and the amount you make will depend on the resources and effort that you put into it. If one or more of the folloiwng applies to you, then you should sign up for SOAR's affiliate program:

  • You have a web site, blog, mailing list, or other online resource like a Facebook page or Twitter account
  • Many people in your audience, business, or social group travel by air
  • You believe that the SOAR products and services will help people
  • You have an ongoing interest in air travel, airline safety, or fear of flying

Additional Support from
If you become a SOAR affilate, will be happy to help you by sharing our experiences and giving you advice on how to not only find potential customers, but to develop an ongoing relationship with them. We can show you how to take whatever resources you have and to make them more effective when it comes to making your audience aware of SOAR, and making them aware of other resources that can help them deal with fear of flying. Take the first step and sign up as an affiilate today.

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The SOAR Fear of Flying Program -- Revised 24 February 2012